Gain Insights into Business Data

Tag cloud example

Hooray for Metadata!

Tag, you’re it! Whoops, wrong tag. This type of tagging helps you organize your mess of photos, videos, documents, articles or pretty much anything.

Houdini can help you get organized. Simply send us the content you need, and we’ll get right on it. We can categorize it based on a folder hierarchy or create multiple tags. We can even do it in real time.

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Images & Video

Want us to tell you the colors in an image? Patterns or shapes? Inside or outside? Day or the night? Gouda or cheddar? We can do all that and more.

Product Merchandising

Running an eCommerce store is hard work. Let us help you categorize, tag, identify colors and more for all of your products. With Houdini, your catalog will always be organized an up to date.


Have a pile of old, boring documents that you don’t want to sort through? Let us do that. We can identify topics, authors ¬†or whatever you like. It’s all up to you.