Do more faster


Houdini helps you do more in less time by crowdsourcing your most labor-intensive jobs.

Need to gather lots of data? Moderate or tag thousands of images? Review and filter a large dataset? Houdini lets you do more in less time by outsourcing your time-consuming and repetitive tasks to our cloud labor force. Need to collect lots of data or review thousands of images? Houdini helps you get it done quickly and cheaply by crowdsourcing your most labor-intensive jobs.

Instant hiring

You could spend weeks finding and interviewing freelancers on oDesk or eLance. With Houdini, you never need to hire individual workers. Simply choose one of our standard applications and get started today.

Quality Assured

Effective quality control is critical to crowdsourcing success. Our workers have been pre-screened for their competency as specific skills like writing, research, data entry and data analysis.

Mechanical Turk on steroids

If you have struggled to get Mechanical Turk to work for you, then you are in luck – Houdini completely automates the process so you don’t have to worry about hiring, interacting with workers or reviewing results by hand.

Our apps have been painstakingly optimized and integrated with our proprietary quality control system. Simply integrate our code, fund your account and go.